Do I Need A Degree To Teach English Online?

Can I be an English teacher without an English degree?

Can I teach English abroad without a degree.


Schools in countries the world over will hire you to teach English abroad without a college degree if you have an accredited TEFL certification..

Is teaching English online a good job?

With online teaching you may not make as much as you would teaching at a physical school, and they are generally contract jobs, so don’t expect health benefits. But, if you are looking to continue your travels, make your own schedule and despise cubicles, then this is a wonderful way to supplement your income.

How long does it take to get a TEFL Certificate?

120 hoursThe industry standard is 120 hours, so we don’t recommend taking a course with fewer hours. Based on what we see come in through the TEFL Jobs Centre, the majority of employers require teachers to have a 120-hour TEFL qualification.

Can you teach with an English degree?

As a secondary teacher, most English graduates can teach solely within the subject of English. Since both levels require teaching certification, English majors should consider taking a track that culminates in both a degree in English and certification.

Where can I teach English online without a degree?

Can I teach English online without a TEFL certificate?Cambly.PalFish.SkimaTalk.Lingoda.Open English.Verbling.LatinHire.iTalki.More items…•

Do you need a degree to be an online teacher?

To become a college instructor, teachers—whether online or not—typically need at least a master’s degree. … If you intend to teach at the K-12 level, you will need to explore earning a teaching credential or endorsement in your specialty areas. Private companies and schools often do not require certification.

Can I make a living teaching English online?

Generally speaking, online English teachers typically make anywhere between $10 – $40 USD per hour depending on their level of qualification. If you’re a first-time English teacher with a TEFL certification, you will likely be making $10-$20 per hour to start. Platforms such as VIPKID offer base rates plus incentives.

Is teaching English online worth it?

As long as you do your research and choose the type of position that meets your needs, schedule, and teaching style, online English teaching – whether full-time or as a side gig – is definitely worth it.

What are the requirements for online teaching?

What are the technical requirements to teach online lessons?A fast and reliable computer: This can be a desktop, laptop or tablet. … Broadband/high-speed internet: At least 400 kbps (standard Cable or DSL connection should work just fine – no dial up). … Video Chat Software: All TakeLessons teachers can teach their online students through TakeLessons Classroom.More items…•

Can you make a living teaching online?

One of the primary benefits of teaching English online is a flexible schedule. Many jobs with online tutoring companies allow you to work as much or as little as you like. This makes it a great option for people looking to supplement their income as they work another job, or those looking for a full-time job.

What is the best company to teach English online?

Best Companies to Teach English OnlineVIPKID. VIPKID is easily the most popular online teaching company out there. … Palfish. Palfish connects young Chinese students with English teachers through a phone app. … QKids. … Magic Ears. … EF English First. … Say ABC. … DaDaABC. … Cambly.More items…•

What are the requirements for TEFL?

A legitimate and recognized TEFL class must have a minimum of 100 hours of coursework, 6-20+ hours of live practice teaching with non native English learners, it must be accredited by a recognized body within the field, and it must be taught by university-level instructors.

How do I become an English literature teacher UK?

English teachers will need a degree in language or literature, but many humanities are currently accepted as close equivalents depending, on the teaching institution candidates wish to join. GCSE or equivalent qualifications in English and Mathematics are also required for English teachers.

What qualifications do I need to teach English online?

To teach online successfully, you’ll need a secure Internet connection, a Zoom or Skype account, and a TESOL/TEFL certificate. Generally, it’s also important to be a native English speaker.

How much does TEFL certification cost?

A full-time course lasts for four weeks, Monday to Friday (full days), you must be at least 18 years old and it will set you back €1,610. A part-time course lasts for 12 weeks, three evenings a week (about three hours each evening), and costs €1,695.

How much can you make a month teaching English online?

An Online ESL Teacher in your area makes on average $3,373 per month, or $79 (2%) more than the national average monthly salary of $3,295.

How can I teach online and get paid?

Sign up on websites like,, as an online tutor, create a profile listing the subjects or classes you want to teach, how much experience you have, what your qualifications are, etc.

Do you need an English degree to teach English in Japan?

In order to teach English in Japan, most teachers will require a Bachelor’s degree and a clean criminal record. Teaching certification, such as TEFL, is preferred but not required.