Question: What Is Another Word For Opposed?

Which is the closest antonym for the word oppose?

opposites of opposeaccept.agree.aid.allow.comply.give in.go along.harmonize.More items….

What is another word for disprove?

SYNONYMS FOR disprove discredit, contradict, negate, confute.

What does disproven mean?

transitive verb. : to prove to be false or wrong : refute disprove a theory. Other Words from disprove Synonyms & Antonyms More Example Sentences Learn More about disprove.

What is it called when everyone is against you?

What is paranoid personality disorder? Paranoid personality disorder (PPD) is a long-term, mental health condition. PPD causes you to be suspicious, distrusting, and hostile toward others. This is because you think they want to hurt you or take advantage of you.

What is refutable mean?

re·fut·ed, re·fut·ing, re·futes. 1. To prove to be false or erroneous; overthrow by argument or proof: refute testimony. 2. To deny the accuracy or truth of: refuted the results of the poll.

What is another word for opposing?

What is another word for opposing?oppositeconflictingcontraryopposedcontradictorycontrastingdifferentantitheticaldifferingirreconcilable172 more rows

Is Disprovable a word?

adjective Capable of being disproved or refuted.

What means refute?

transitive verb. 1 : to prove wrong by argument or evidence : show to be false or erroneous. 2 : to deny the truth or accuracy of refuted the allegations. Other Words from refute Synonyms & Antonyms More Example Sentences Learn More about refute.

What is the word for keeping a secret?

Frequently Asked Questions About secret Some common synonyms of secret are clandestine, covert, furtive, stealthy, surreptitious, and underhanded. While all these words mean “done without attracting observation,” secret implies concealment on any grounds for any motive.

How do you say something is relevant?

Synonymsrelevant. adjective. directly connected with and important to what is being discussed or considered.appropriate. adjective. suitable or right for a particular situation or purpose.applicable. adjective. … live. adjective. … pertinent. adjective. … salient. adjective. … apposite. adjective. … germane. adjective.More items…

How do you use disprove in a sentence?

Disprove sentence examplesIn the past, a scientist began with a surmise or hunch and began gathering data to prove or disprove it. … 21, which he would be glad to disprove as at least exaggerated (ib. … They spent their energy in attacking Plato and Aristotle, and hence earned the opprobrious epithet of Eristic.More items…

What does it mean to be against something?

: in opposition to (someone or something) : in competition with (someone or something) —used to indicate the person or thing that is affected or harmed by something. See the full definition for against in the English Language Learners Dictionary. against.