Quick Answer: How Do You Say Good News In French?

How do you congratulate someone in French?

The most common way to say “Congratulations” in French is simply, félicitations.

You can use it with people you’re close to, and in more formal settings, too.

To add what you’re congratulating the person on, use Félicitations pour, followed by the action/event.

For example, Félicitations pour l’achat de ta maison !.

How do you say good wishes in French?

The French wish each other well for almost everything. You just use the word “bon’ or ‘bonne’ or the phrase ‘je vous souhaite’ or je te souhaite..’ and you can be assured the French people will be happy with you. At home, on the street, when someone wins a prize, there’s always an occasion for congratulations.

What is the French channel?

English Channel, also called The Channel, French La Manche, narrow arm of the Atlantic Ocean separating the southern coast of England from the northern coast of France and tapering eastward to its junction with the North Sea at the Strait of Dover (French: Pas de Calais).

How do you reply to that’s great?

The best answer is to say “thanks” acknowledging the other person’s well wishes. You might also respond with a simple “yep,” a more informal acknowledgment.

How do you say happy birthday and best wishes in French?

The Standard Ways to Say “Happy Birthday” in FrenchJoyeux anniversaire ! Happy Birthday!Bon anniversaire ! Happy Birthday!Passe(z) un bon anniversaire. Have a good birthday.Passe(z) une merveilleuse journée. Have a wonderful day.Meilleurs vœux. Best wishes.Félicitations. … Quel âge as-tu? … Quel âge avez-vous?More items…•

How do you say news in French?

1. L’actualité / les actualités / les nouvelles (news) These are the common words used for the English word “news.” You’ll notice that even though English always makes “news” plural, it can be singular or plural in French.

How do you say good news?

How to Respond to Good News in EnglishThat’s great!Well done!I’m (so/really) glad to hear that!Wonderful! Thank you for sharing.I’m/we’re very happy for you.Congratulations.That’s very good news.

What are the French TV channels?

French Television Channels, Watch TV in FranceChannel 1. Created in 1935, it is now TF1 (France Télévision 1) Audience: 31%Channel 2. Created in 1963, it is now France 2. Audience: 20%Channel 3. Created in 1972, it is now France 3. … Channel 4. Created in 1983, it is now Canal + … Channel 5. Created in 1986, it is now France 5. … Channel 6. Created in 1986, it is now M6.

Who is fr24 news?

France 24 (France vingt-quatre in French and Arabic channels, France veinticuatro in Spanish channel) is a French state-owned international news television network based in Paris.

What satellite are French channels on?

If you are looking for FTA or cost-free French TV I would suggest deciding to use either a satellite dish aligned to 19.2 E of south to the Astra 1 satellites or a satellite dish aligned to Eutelsat 5 at 5W. There is French TELEVISION on many various other satellites such as the Hotbird satellites at 13E.

What a good news meaning?

good news for (someone) idiom. : something new that will be useful to (someone)

How do you respond to bad news?

Common Expressions:I’m so sorry to hear that!What awful news! I’m sorry.I’m sorry to hear such terrible news.I’m very sorry – that must be awful/frustrating/scary/difficult.If there’s anything I can do, just let me know.I really don’t know what to say, I can’t believe it. I’m very sorry.

What does the French phrase c’est la vie mean?

: that’s life : that’s how things happen: that’s life : that’s how things happen.

What is the main French news channel?

BFM TVBFM TV. BFM TV is a French TV channel dedicated to news and weather forecasts. It’s also the most-watched French news TV channel and can be watched online from anywhere in the world.