Quick Answer: In Which Sector Should We Invest?

Which sector is highest employment?

Answer: The sector in which the highest employment according to GDP services sector..

What is the safest investment?

Here are the best low-risk investments in January 2021: Savings bonds. Certificates of deposit. Money market funds. Treasury bills, notes, bonds and TIPS.

Which is the best pharma mutual fund?

Sector – Pharma & Healthcare Mutual Funds High RiskMutual Fund SchemeNAVSBI Healthcare Opportunities Fund Direct Growth + Direct216.6Nippon India Pharma Fund – Direct Plan – Growth Plan + Direct272.4Tata India Pharma & Healthcare Fund Direct Growth + Direct16.6UTI Healthcare Fund Regular Plan Growth + Regular143.34 more rows

Which sector is best to invest in mutual funds?

2. Top 10 Sector FundsFund3-Year ReturnsLinkSBI Banking & Financial Services Regular Growth5.34%Invest Now!Axis Gold Growth19.29%Invest Now!ICICI Prudential Regular Gold Savings Fund(FOF) Growth18.37%Invest Now!HDFC Gold Fund Growth18.55%Invest Now!6 more rows•Nov 18, 2020

Which sector will grow in 2020?

Fastest Growing Industries in Canada in 2020E-Commerce & Online Auctions in Canada. … Cannabis Production in Canada. … Loan Administration, Cheque Cashing & Other Services in Canada. … Supermarkets & Grocery Stores in Canada. … Primary Care Doctors in Canada. … Electric Power Transmission in Canada. … Soybean Farming in Canada.More items…

Which sector is growing fast in India?

India is rapidly scaling up its infrastructure in order to sustain its growth. India’s manufacturing sector is also developing fast, with world-class companies such as Bharat Forge, Tata Motors, and Mahindra. India’s healthcare industry will grow to over £40 billion in the next three years.

Which company will grow in future?

List of Fast Growing CompaniesSLNameOPM Growth (5Y) %1PNB Gilts23.852Bharat Rasayan24.943IOL Chemicals & Pharm137.024Granules India25.153 more rows

How can I double my money?

Speculative ways to double your money may include option investing, buying on margin, or using penny stocks. The best way to double your money is to take advantage of retirement and tax-advantaged accounts offered by employers, notably 401(k)s.

Should I invest in sector mutual funds?

Sector mutual funds provide an opportunity for investors to invest in sectors that have a high potential to grow. These mutual funds provide attractive returns but generally if the investment timing is precise. The timing of investment in sector-specific funds is vital. Also, the exit from the fund becomes crucial.

What industries should I invest in?

The best industries to invest in 2021:Biotechnology.Ed-Tech & Online Meeting Platforms.Life & Health Insurance.CBD Oil.Artificial Intelligence.Oil and Gas Exploration & Storage.Real Estate Investment Trusts.Homebuilding.More items…•

Which is the fastest growing sector?

The 10 Global Fastest Growing IndustriesGlobal Respiratory Ventilator Manufacturing. 54.8%Global Sugar Manufacturing. 8.8%Global Cargo Airlines. 8.2%Global Military Shipbuilding & Submarines. 6.8%Global Public Relations Agencies. 6.3%Global Music Production and Distribution. 6.2%Global Airport Operation. 5.0%Global Bakery Goods Manufacturing. 4.8%More items…

What is best to invest in now?

High-yield savings accounts. Online savings accounts and cash management accounts provide higher rates of return than you’ll get in a traditional bank savings or checking account. … Certificates of deposit. … Money market funds. … Government bonds. … Corporate bonds. … Mutual funds. … Index funds. … Exchange-traded funds.More items…

What is the best mutual fund to invest in 2020?

Best Stock Mutual Funds for 2020Vanguard 500 Index Fund (VFIAX)Fidelity Select Consumer Staples Portfolio (FDFAX)Vanguard Health Care Fund (VGHCX)Vanguard Balanced Index Fund (VBIAX)Hussman Strategic Total Return Fund (HSTRX)Vanguard Total Bond Market Index Fund (VBTLX)

Which sector is best to invest in 2020?

5 Best industry sectors in 2020 for Indian investorsBanking. Are you serious? … Infrastructure. Despite the economic challenges, the Indian government continues to invest more – through a slew of infrastructure projects including expressways, railway lines, and freight corridors. … Automobile. … Information Technology. … Consumer Electronics.