Why Do I Have To Wait 7 Days To Leave Negative Feedback?

How long does negative feedback stay on eBay?

12 monthsIt is permanent, but only counts against you in the feedback percentage for one year.

Unless eBay removes it …

or the buyer revises it …

the negative rating will stay on a seller’s record forever.

But it will only affect seller’s feedback percentage for 12 months..

Will eBay remove unfair negative feedback?

However, eBay will remove any neutral or negative Feedback left by the buyer in any of these cases: The buyer doesn’t respond to the unpaid item process. … The buyer ends up getting suspended for the unpaid item or a different policy violation.

How bad is negative feedback on eBay?

Negative feedback can hurt a seller and can damage their reputation with both potential buyers and eBay. The feedback you have left isn’t very good. Feedback should be a comment on the transaction, not numbers or statements like “Hello from Hawaii”.

Can you challenge negative feedback on eBay?

If your efforts to resolve the issues directly with the unsatisfied customer have failed, eBay gives you two venues for disputing negative feedback: you can submit a formal request through eBay for the buyer to revise his feedback, and you can post your own argument about why the feedback is inaccurate for eBay to …

How long before negative feedback is removed?

Report the review to eBay In certain circumstances, you can report a review and ask moderators to remove negative feedback on eBay. eBay merchants can use the seller reporting hub to highlight any kind of problem with a buyer, including reviews. This must be done within 90 days of the original transaction.

Can you leave negative feedback after opening a case?

Say nothing, set your bidder requirements & blocks , then check the buyer/bidder activity log. It’s very satisfying to see how many cannot buy. When an unpaid dispute has closed with a strike being issued, neither side can leave feedback. Any feedback left before the case was opened can be removed.

Can eBay buyer leave feedback after return?

Answers (1) Hi, @kdj53. The listing usually dissappears after a return/refund. There is still a way to leave feedback though. If you go to http://feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?LeaveFeedback2, you can leave feedback for all of your recent purchases.

Can you open a case on eBay after leaving feedback?

Yes, a claim can be opened within the timeframe allowed whether or not feedback has been posted. … A buyer might leave positive feedback upon receiving the package, but find that when they actually tested the item, it failed to work.

Can buyer leave negative feedback if refunded?

BUYERS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO LEAVE NEGATIVE FEEDBACK BECAUSE EBAY HAD CLOSED THE CASE. … So a seller can keep misrepresenting their items…. and as long as they accept the return and refund the buyer’s money, there will be no strikes against them.

How do I stop a buyer from leaving negative feedback?

Write up a carefully worded returns policy to give buyers a clear incentive to contact you in the event of a problem instead of leaving negative feedback, and then refer to it in your auction description so that your customers don’t miss it.

How do you retract negative feedback?

If you want to revise some negative or neutral Feedback you left for a seller, you can contact them to ask them to send a Feedback revision request.

Why can’t you leave negative feedback for buyers on eBay?

Re:Why can’t sellers leave negative feedback to buyers? The reason why eBay withdrew the ability of sellers to leave negs or neuts was because sellers were abusing the system to leave retaliatory f/b instead of dealing with problems.

What happens if I leave negative feedback on eBay?

A negative rating lowers a seller’s feedback score by 1 point. If the sales occurred in the same week we raise your feedback score by a total of 1 point, regardless of the number of positive ratings you received from the seller within the week.

Why can’t buyers give negative feedback?

Sellers aren’t able to leave negative or neutral Feedback for buyers. That means sellers need other tools that will protect them against unfair treatment from buyers and bring those buyers to eBay’s attention. You can block buyers with too many policy violations, unpaid items, or who aren’t registered with PayPal.

Can I leave negative feedback for non paying bidder?

because us sellers are not allowed to leave negative feedback to those who don’t pay. … We as a seller should atleast have the opportunity to see and leave feedback if that person does not pay. The unpaid item strikes that us, sellers, are unable to see is not enough!